Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL News From Jump Festa 2022!

Article Published: 2021-12-18

JUMP FESTA 2022 Key Art

Official Trailer Breakdown

KONAMI have released a brand new trailer for Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL, detailing a ton of new features and expanding on previously announced ones, including Card Crafting, Pack Opening and more! No release date was confirmed, however Winter 2021 is still the scheduled release date.

Please note, all information below is inferred from the trailer and has not been 100% confirmed.

Card Crafting

You will be able to dismantle cards into CP, depending on the cards rarity.

In the trailer we see Pot of Desires (SR) being dismantled for 10 SR CP and Twin Twisters (SR) being purchased for 30 SR CP. Essentially for every 3 SR's you trade in, you can get 1 of your choice.

Each card rarity; UR, SR, R and N have their own CP. However we don't know the rate at which other rarities convert at.

Cards crafted using CP will be created with the base/default foiling, however there appears to be a small chance of obtaining a different foiling.

Card Crafting

Shop & Pack Opening

You can purchase "Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL: Master Packs". The cards in this pack do not appear to be based on any existing TCG/OCG card packs.
The Menu on the far left of the pack art reads:

  • Detailed information
  • Card Rates (How easy it is to obtain a card)
  • Forbidden & Limited List
  • Set Contents

1 Pack can be purchased for 100 gems, or a bundle of 10 can be purchased for 1000 gems. If 10 packs are purchased, then you are guaranteed to get at least 1 SR or higher rarity card. At least for the Master Pack, each pack contains 8 cards and can contain more than 1 SR or UR card per pack.

Master Pack

Obtaining "Secret Card Packs"

We see the player being rewarded with two "Key Cards" when acquiring the SR and UR cards from their pack. According to the on-screen prompt with the same Key Card visual, New card packs can be unlocked depending on the cards you pull.

To the right-hand side of the cards is an area called "Secret Packs". Here we see the top pack featuring Scrap Wyvern called "Waste Recurrence" and a Frightfur/Fluffal themed pack called "Ruthless Toys". We also see packs for Prank-Kids and Destiny Heroes.

If you look closely under each of the cards on screen, except Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (which we now know is obtainable via the Magician of Pendulum Structure Deck), you will see that some of these cards, for example the UR "Scrap Atomic Dragon", has the same "Waste Recurrence" written underneath which might give us a hint as to how obtaining certain UR/SR cards via the Master Pack allows us to unlock Secret Packs?

Card Pack 2

We also had our first look at pricing for some of the games various Cosmetic items;

  • Lava Duel Field - 400 Gems
  • Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous Icon - 50 Gems
  • Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Card Sleeves - 100 Gems
  • Dark Magician Mate (Official term for what we called "Pets") - 300 Gems

Shop Items

Cross Play & Progression

MASTER DUEL will support both data linkage across multiple platforms as well as cross-platform play - something that Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution missed out on. You will be able to play with other duelists worldwide across PC, Console and Mobile devices.

Data Linkage

Deck Editing

As we previously covered, you will be able to Copy decks from the Official Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Database and perform a 5 card test hand. You can also continue drawing +1 card in this same menu to simulate your first and subsequent turns' draws.

The Deck Edit menu is very similar to Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS, with a Card Information panel on the left-hand side of the screen which provides the following information:

  • Card Name, Artwork and Details
  • How many copies of the card can be converted.
  • Add 1 Copy / Remove 1 Copy from the Deck
  • Add to Favourites/Bookmark (Like in Duel Links)
  • How to Obtain / Related Cards
  • Convert to CP / Purchase with CP

The middle portion of the screen shows the cards in your deck, including ones that are missing (darkened like the Twin Twister in the screenshot below), as well as the ability to rename your Deck. We have yet to see an option to create a side deck.

The right-hand side is used for finding cards, with options to Search, Sort and Filter through your card collection. Like Duel Links, it appears you can choose to see cards you own or don't own, and view your Favourite/Bookmarked cards.

It seems that if a card in your trunk/collection appears in the deck, circles corresponding to the number of copies of that card in the deck will be displayed below it. In the screenshot below, 2 copies of Pot of Desires are in the deck, hence two circles are shown.

The fact the User Interface displays how many copies of a card that can be converted could imply that some cards may be craft-locked (for example if obtained via Structure Decks from Solo Mode, events or through microtransaction purchases).

And there appears to be no mention of a Side Deck anywhere in the Deck Edit menu, which many people expect to be a feature for Tournament/Competitive play.

Deck Edit in MASTER DUEL

Solo Mode

New details where confirmed for MASTER DUEL's solo mode, including:

  • Tutorial comprised of two Practice Duel and 1 Goal missions. Completing the first Practice Duel rewards you win 500 Gems.
  • Three new Solo Mode experiences: "Duel Strategy", "Absolute Emperor" which focuses on the Monarch storyline and "Warrior of the Six Spirits" which appears to be about the Elementsaber theme.
  • For completing the Goal mission of the Monarch solo mode, you are rewarded with a Structure Deck featuring Caius, Mobius and Raiza.

Goal Reward

PVP Modes

You will be able to play in both Ranked Duels and Free Duels. Ranked Duels appears to use the "Standard" regulations.

Free Duels appear to support Room ID's similar to Duel Rooms in Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS.

Events and Tournaments will be held with different regulations. Previously it was announced that certain cards would be unlockable through these events.

“Aim to be the #1 player in the world using your most favorable regulation”

PVP Modes in Master Duel

18/12 Update: Forbidden & Limited List Hints, New Animations, Settings & Mobile!

From various Twitter users over in Japan, we now have light confirmation that Digital Bug Rhinosebus has a cut-in animation for when it is summoned. Erebus the Underworld Monarch also appears to have an animation, according to various tweets, but I have yet to find any images/gameplay of this. Thanks to Twitter user rb020084 for capturing this off-screen gameplay.

Rhinoesebus animation off screen

Forbidden & Limited List

We have our first look at (some) of the in-game Forbidden & Limited List, from images taken of players using the Loaner Decks given during Solo Mode play, which unlike at Tokyo Game Show appear to have their limit regulations applied to them. From these images, the following cards can be seen:

So far there's nothing out of the ordinary to suggest the formats will be combined, which is a "fear" many people in both TCG and OCG regions have expressed, since all these cards share the same limit regulations across both the TCG and OCG. We'll keep our eye out for more on this, unless officially confirmed by KONAMI during their Jump Festa streams.

Banlist Images

Game Settings

We finally have confirmation of some of the in-game Duel setting options and what each of them do. Please note these have roughly been translated from Japanese and so may not be 100% accurate.


  • Self Chain: We will confirm the activation of the card for the actions of you and your opponent.
  • Activation Confirmation: A button to switch the activation confirmation setting is displayed on the duel screen.
  • Card Positioning: You can choose the location of cards placed on the field.
  • Setting the Activation Order: Set the order of activation when there are multiple cards that can be activated at the same time.
  • Transparent Display of Set Cards: Does not transparently display the card(s) set in the backrow.
  • Display of Number of Spectators: Shows the number of people watching the duel.
  • Detailed Display of Battle Phase: Shows the steps of the Battle Phase


Our first look at Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL on iOS and Android is here, and it's very similar to the console & PC experience. The main menu has been adjusted slightly to fit better to the mobile screen size, and once again we can see the Toggle Button in action during gameplay just as with Duel Links.

However, the user who posted these images commented that they found it easy to swipe back to the phones home screen when trying to play / activate cards from the hand.. Hopefully this is something KONAMI can adjust as we get closer to release.

Master Duel Mobile

Official Media:

KONAMI have released a few new high resolution screenshots of Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL's two new solo mode additions - Digital Bug and the Monarchs. Note, the Digital Bug gameplay screenshot is likely taken from the "Practice" mission, that aims to introduce players to the deck/archetype.

Digital Bug LoreDigital Bug GameplayMonarch LoreMonarch Gameplay

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