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Article Updated: May 7th 2022

This page will be constantly updated as content is datamined/leaked and made live in-game, so make sure to check back often to see what's new!


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Upcoming Selection Packs:

Wandering Travelers

Try your hand at the "Floowandereeze", an archetype that will lead you onto the path of victory with their Tribute Summoning mechanics which relies less on Special Summons!

Open up a wide range of plays by bringing out "Adventurer Tokens" with "Rite of Aramesir" and unleashing their potential with an exciting range of brand-new cards! New cards for the "Magikey", "Gunkan", "Machina" and "Evil Twin" archetypes are also here!

Highlighted/Expected Cards:

Valiant Wings

Check out the new "Exosister" archetype, filled with monsters who exorcise monsters that revive from the Graveyard and purify their foes with powerful Xyz Summons!

Don't miss the new cards that will power up old archetypes like "Rokket", "The Agent", "Magistus" and "Starry Knight"! Combine them with other existing featured cards to create a new Deck!

Highlighted/Expected Cards:

Upcoming Solo Mode Gates:

Military Revolution - Mecha Phantom Beasts

  • "Mecha Phantom Beasts" utilize both real aircraft and decoy Tokens, enabling high survivability and offensive prowess.
  • Be sensitive to changes in the Battlefield and form the strongest air force you can!

The Secret Powers of the Planet

  • Auram and his linked comrades, the "Crusadia", are up against a new foe, the "Orcust" who can be called back from the GY even after they are destroyed. One question remains: who is the mastermind behind these menacing machines?
  • A new "World Legacy" battle is about to be unleashed!

Dream Domination

  • The "Dream Mirror" can freely change between the worlds of light and darkness on the field.
  • Master both and bring out monsters from each world to dominate the battle!

And the Crowd Goes Wild!

  • The "U.A." cards are well-known for their unique effects and their ability to switch in and out of the field.
  • Let the roars of the spectators reverberate through the crowd as you lead these sports superstars to victory!

Indomitable Warriors of Unwavering Loyalty

  • No matter what life-or-death trials await the "Six Samurai" on the battlefield, they will always have each others' backs.
  • Their solidarity is what will allow them to unify the nation!

The Danger Files

  • These "Danger!" creatures are full of mystery and intrigue, but after hiding away on their treacherous island for so long, humans are finally able to take a closer look at them!
  • Hunt them down...before they hunt you.

Worshippers of the Sacred Phoenix

  • Once destroyed, the "Nephthys" shall rise to be stronger. Draw out their mystical powers as you battle your way to victory, and maybe you'll even get a glimpse of the legendary flaming phoenix!

SP Deck Challenge 2

  • Challenge yourself to a Duel against a special Deck and win spectacular Rewards!
  • This Gate will feature duels and decks inspired by characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Animated Series.

Duel Strategy 2

  • Learn how to Summon special Monsters and other useful techniques for Duels.

Ranked Duels and Events:

New Events

The following Event IDs and associated banners have been datamined. The Fusion Festival 2022 is expected to be the next event in May 2022.

  • Link Festival
  • Classic Festival
  • Pendulum Festival
  • Monster Type
  • Attribute

Upcoming Ranks (Standard Ranked Duels)

The following Ranks have been datamined, with Diamond Rank most recently being added to Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL as of Season 5.

  • Legendary (Tiered)
  • King (Tiered)
  • Duel Master
  • Grand Master

In addition, Ranked Duel icons for 2 ranks (Most likely Legendary and King - but nothing confirmed):

Shop Bundle Deals:

Infinite Impermanence Bundle

A special Set that includes 10 Master Packs (guaranteed to have at least 1 SR) and 1 bonus UR card. "Infinite Impermanence" has a powerful effect that allows you to negate the effect of 1 face-up monster on your opponent's field. And, if you fulfill the conditions, you can also activate it from your hand. If you activate it after first Setting it on the field, you will also be able to negate any Spell/Trap Card in the same column.

Now that's one versatile card! Why not add it to your Deck and see what it can do for yourself?

Placeholdered Bundles

Background assets for two Bundle Deals have been datamined. Similarly to the "Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring", "Lightning Storm" and "Infinite Impermanence" bundles, these assets likely feature the raw background art of the bundled card(s).

Upcoming Duel Passes:

Duel Pass (Gold) #3

The Duel Pass (Gold) intermediate reward is a wallpaper of "Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax"! And we have something spectacular for the final reward too - a "Scapegoat" Mate!

Duel Pass (Gold) #4

The Duel Pass (Gold) intermediate reward is a wallpaper of "Elemental HERO Honest Neos"! And we have something spectacular for the final reward too - a "Bitron" Mate!

Structure Decks:

Placeholdered Structure Decks

The following "Structure Decks" have blank placeholder asset files, similar to how the Galaxy/Cipher and Cyberdark Structure Decks did when first added to Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL back in January.


  • "Dragonmaid" monsters can change their forms throughout battle, and their effects activate at the beginning and end of the Battle Phase. Master their effects to bring out a horde of powerful, high-Level Dragon-Type monsters to your field and devastate your opponents!

Burning Spirits

  • "Salamangreat" monsters come in a wide variety, and they can be Special Summoned once their respective conditions have been fulfilled. First, try Summoning their ace monster, "Salamangreat Heatleo". If you use it as a material to play the second "Salamangreat Heatleo", you will be able to unlock even more of its powers!

Freezing World

  • One highlight of the "Ice Barrier" archetype is its formidable Synchro Monsters. Many of its other monsters also have effects that can lock your opponent out of their tactics. With that in your arsenal, you'll be able to bring out powerful Synchro Monsters one after the other!

Upcoming Accessories:

Dueling Fields (with Shop Assets)

  • Spellbook Star Hall
  • Realm of Danger!
  • Night Skyscrapers
  • Glacial World
  • The Desolate Temple
  • Mates (with Shop Assets)

    The following mates have been datamined with all of their Shop Assets, ready to be released:

    • Salamangreat Gazelle
    • Wightbaking
    • Ghostrick Lantern
    • Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo

    Mates (with Partial Shop Assets)

    The following mates have been datamined with partial or placeholder Shop Assets:

    • Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
    • Laundry Dragonmaid / Dragonmaid Nudyarl (Deluxe)

    "What are Deluxe Mates? Deluxe Mates are special Mates that can change their appearance during a Duel."

    Mates (without Shop Assets)

    The following mates have been datamined without Shop Assets, meaning they are either not planned for release anytime "soon" or will be made available as Event/Solo Mode rewards in the future:

    Sleeves / Deck Protectors

    The following card sleeves have been datamined. In the image below, sleeves that are marked with Gems will be available from the Shop. The rest might be made available as rewards from Solo Mode.


    The following profile Icons have been datamined. It is expected that some will be made available for purchase in the Shop, whereas others will be free via Solo Mode rewards for related Gates.

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